Free Living Technology allows the user to automatically track steps, distance, and calories burned with no setup required.

Free Living uses proprietary activity inference and energy expenditure estimations to determine distance and calorie burn. Basal Metabolic Burn and Heart Rate are also integrated in the calorie calculation.

The low power design of this technology
requires no recharge.

Free Living Technology delivers easy and accurate user information every day.

S-Pulse Technology is a proprietary means of reading a user’s ECG accurate heart rate.

S-Pulse Technology relies on two points of contact to measure the heart’s electrical impulse, and can convert that signal into a numerical value to display to the user.

S-Pulse Technology is ECG accurate whether it is obtained using an S-Pulse Chest Belt, or a watch with an S-Pulse touch plate or button.

The Future

Salutron’s creative and experienced team of engineers and product developers have a number of new technologies and exciting products on the horizon.

Please check back soon to see our new products launching in 2013.