Salutron is a global supplier of heart rate and activity monitoring solutions for health, sports & fitness, and other consumer applications.


About Salutron Inc.

Salutron Inc. was founded in 1994, and one of the first companies of its kind to develop On-Demand ECG accurate heart rate monitoring solutions. Our growth began within Commercial Cardio Equipment; we soon made a name for ourselves in chest straps and watches. We have designed and developed Heart Rate monitoring solutions for both the fitness and wellness worlds, under a multitude of brands. Salutron has grown to become a “body monitoring solutions” technology house. We have expanded the capabilities of our proprietary technologies over the past decade and continue to revolutionize and lead the body-monitoring world with our Free Living Solutions.

About Linea Research Corporation

Linea Research Corporation was founded in 2006 to provide sensor integration and signal processing solutions for the medical device industry.

Linea Research Corporation has world-class core competence in the design and application of near infrared spectroscopy for medical applications. The technique has been applied to real-time hemodynamic characterization for applications in cardiology and neurology.

In January 2012, Linea merged with Salutron, Inc., a leading manufacturer of heart rate monitors for fitness and wellness applications. The new firm combines Linea’s leading research and development capabilities in physiological monitoring with the mass manufacturing, marketing and distribution capabilities of Salutron. The combined forces allow the design, production, and distribution of game changing activity and health monitoring devices.

Salutron develops proprietary heart rate and activity monitoring technologies into sports, fitness, and fashion watches and monitors. Our products can be found at major sporting goods retailers via private label brands, as well as in most pharmacies under Salutron’s own Smart Health brand. We also provide customized heart rate electronics to leading fitness equipment manufacturers for integration into commercial and home fitness cardio equipment.

Our Team

Salutron’s dedicated team of engineers, manufacturers, product developers, and customer service personnel have launched our company into an ever growing arena of the sports, fitness and wellness marketplace.

Our Engineers:

Salutron employs some of the top people in the field of hardware and software engineering.  They are constantly pushing the envelope with what our new lines of product can do, and driving new technologies for a quickly growing area of industry.   With lots of experience developing products for government agencies like DARPA, NASA, and the US Army, our engineering team can take those same great technologies to market for the everyday consumer.

Our Manufacturers:

Salutron works with only the leading manufacturing facilities in our area of industry.  We are sure to pay close attention to the environmental footprint of any and all of our manufacturing processes and continue to develop new and sustainable ways of building exceptional innovative products.

Our Product Developers:

Our product development team leads the way in biometric monitoring and heart rate technologies.   They work hard to create products specific to the end user, and continually find ways to make our products work better and more easily for that specific consumer.

Our Customer Service:

Salutron’s professional customer service team provides daily support to their vast customer base.  Their knowledge of our extensive product lines, and patience for our customer is unparalleled within our industry.  Reach out to us anytime, someone from our team would be delighted to speak with you!

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